Call to Action: Save WIC with the Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids Act

The time has come for Congress to take action to reauthorize the federal legislation that provides the funding for the WIC program. We need your help to let our Senators know how important this program is!

The reauthorization, as well as significant program expansions and improvements are included in three bipartisan bills introduced in the Senate – the Wise Investment in our Children Act (S. 853), the MODERN WIC Act (S. 3226), and the WIC Healthy Beginnings Act (S. 3216).

Make a Call, Send an Email, Make a Difference!

We are asking each WIC family to take five minutes to call or email their Senators to ask that they support the Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids Act to reauthorize WIC and make program expansions and improvements.

It can feel intimidating to reach out to legislators, but they want to hear from you. By calling their office and talking to their staff or sending an email, you can make a positive difference.

You don’t have to say much and remember that nothing is more powerful than personal testimony!

Here’s what we suggest you say:

  • Introduce yourself and tell them where you live.
  • Tell them you are calling or writing to urge the Senator to support the Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids Act to reauthorize and improve the Women, Infants, and Children Program.
  • Let them know that you currently benefit or have benefited in the past from the WIC program.
  • Share a sentence or two about how WIC has helped your family. For example, “WIC program benefits have helped me afford milk and healthy snacks for my child. I can see a difference in my child’s health thanks to WIC.”
  • Ask that Senator do everything he can to make sure the legislation passes as soon as possible to help children and families access healthy food.

Contact Information

Senator Ben Cardin

Call (202) 224-4524

Send an email through his website.

Senator Chris Van Hollen

Call (202) 224-4654

Send an email through his website.

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