Breastfeeding Aides & Pumps

One of the best things about breastfeeding is that you don’t need special equipment or supplies to feed your baby. However, there are a few things that may make your breastfeeding journey easier.

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps can be an invaluable tool to help you continue breast feeding when you go back to work or school, or when you need flexibility with feedings. There are lots of kinds of breast pumps available, but most women find electric pumps work best and are most convenient. 

No matter what pump you choose, keeping it properly cleaned is vital to making sure the milk you pump is safe for your baby.

Additionally, making sure that pumped breast milk is properly stored and prepared is also necessary to ensure your baby’s safety. 

If you are not able to afford a breast pump, get in touch with us. WIC may be able to help. 


Nursing bras are specially designed bras for nursing moms with flaps over each breast to make access easier for baby. Tank tops with built in bras also allow easy access for baby.

Not all women experience leaking, but it is a normal part of breastfeeding for many. Nursing pads soak up leaked milk. While you can buy nursing pads, you can also make your own. Cotton squares cut from terry cloth, cloth diapers, or t-shirts will work just as well. Do change your pads frequently and avoid using material that can fall apart easily, like paper towels.


Pillows can be helpful to give you or your baby extra support or make you more comfortable during feedings. It often takes some experimenting to find the pillow positions that work best for you. Many women find specially designed nursing pillows useful, but many others also find regular bed or sofa pillows work just fine.

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